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** Before real estate
I grew up in Casper, Wyoming and attended the University of Wyoming. I developed a love for the Denver are at an early age with our constant back to school shopping trips to Denver and other amusement parks. After graduating from the University of Wyoming I was a science teacher and a high school football coach. I loved the competitiveness of coaching and teaching kids valuable skills they would use for the entire lives in a team environment. I was a teacher and a coach for 9 years and loved working with kids and preparing them for life. Then the real estate bug bit me in 2012.

** Then came real estate
I purchased my first rental property in 2012. I lived in the house while fixing it up and converting it into an investment property. After buying a few more rental properties I decided that I wanted to get my own real estate license to help me with additional investment property purchases. Word got out that I had a real estate license and I began to help other people close to me in buying and selling homes. I applied the same knowledge from my own investments to my clients to ensure they were making the best financial decision possible. I also leverage technology and marketing to ensure my clients in the Denver area are making the BEST possible financial decision!