Jacqueline HeaneyJPAR® - Dallas/Fort Worth

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Jacqueline Heaney is an interior design aficionado and zealous real estate professional who shares an incredible passion for the art of serving the community. Based in Dallas, she presently resides in Frisco, and co-owns/operates the Carrolton/Farmers Branch of Southern Painting. Having a strong consumer banking background, Jacqueline has efficaciously managed and operated as an independent realtor for the past eight years. Motivated and inspired by the drive to contribute to the cultivation and growth of a prosperous community, she excels in the traits of problem-solving, business communications, and customer service.

Jacqueline Heaney has always had a great passion for home decorating and renovating, and strives for an opportunity to captivate the hearts and minds of homeowners and design enthusiasts.

Jacqueline aims to cater to the ever-evolving real estate needs of clients, and enjoys building relationships with all customers. She greatly cherishes spending time with her family, and loves giving back to the community. She treasures the beauty of nature and greatly relishes spending time outdoors in the company of loving family and friends.