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Relationship is particularly important to me. I want to talk with you, create a connection with you, and
see how I can help you. This is very reason I became a realtor.

Over the last two decades of my sales career, after graduating from Oklahoma State University, I sold
everything from cell phones in the early 2000’s to gym memberships when I owned my own Cross Fit
gym for seven years, and everything in between. However, I found much of these interactions to be very
transactional. There was little opportunity to go above and beyond to let people know I cared.
As a realtor, I now have that choice. Not only have I already built a network of people who can be of
value to you including electricians, HVAC, contractors, drywall, and flooring, I can pick up the phone or
meet you for lunch to see how things are going. I can look information up for you, resolve an issue, or
even help you move something. Buying a home, whether it is your first home or your fifth home, is a
major milestone and should never simply be transactional.

I have been happily married to my wife Kelly for over a decade. We have two young daughters, and a
golden doodle, Teddy. As Kelly and I were growing our family, we wanted our children to experience the
love and nurturing of extended family, so we moved to Fairhope to be closer to them. Additionally, we
have found a deep sense of closeness within our neighborhood and love the small-town feel of

Faith is also very central to who I am. My family and I attend 3Circle Church every Sunday and my
children attend Bayshore Christian School, where my wife and I volunteer. When I am not spending time
with my family, church, or selling homes, you will find me working out, lifting weights, and golfing.