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My mission is to create, build and sustain environments where the people in my life can thrive. Whether at home with Andrea my wife, or with our five sons and their wives, at work with my clients or in the community as a citizen of our great and beautiful country, I try every day to solve the problems, meet the challenges, build the strategies, and create the contexts in which those whom I meet can achieve greatness and prosperity, relevance, health and love. Throughout my life, I have done this imperfectly, but thanks to God, great mentors and friends, I’ve learned a lot and try to keep learning so I can continue to be helpful in this changing and very interesting world.

I’ve had an exciting career. I started out renovating old houses, one of the first carpenters on the “This Old House” program. Then a big leap—I received a Ph.D. from Princeton and taught there for a while, served as the Pastor of several wonderful churches, and then shifted into the business world. There I worked as a strategist and a coach for C-Suite executives, taught negotiation and mediation at the Business School at the University of Houston, served as the Chief Operating Officer for a large national advisory firm, helped launch the first Mobile Stroke Unit, led global strategy projects for Shell, and led a project for the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), to design and bring to financing an uninhabited city that would be used to test innovations for urban areas.

About 25 years ago I met a young man, who rapidly became a respected leader and top producer in the Real Estate industry. He remains a dear friend. His name is Chris Sears, who is now the leader of JPAR Sears Group, one of the most dynamic agencies in Texas. I’ve always been interested in what Chris was doing and for a long time thought it would be great if we could find a way to work together and in 2010 I got my real estate license for that purpose.

Last year, Chris and I met for a series of lunches in which he shared with me his vision for the future of JPAR Sears Group. I wanted to be a part of it, he invited me to join the team. In addition to selling real estate in Fredericksburg and Houston, I work with Chris as COO of JPAR Sears Group to the end that our strategy will be executed, our firm will grow, and our agents and all whom we serve will thrive!