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Married for two decades, Ashley and her husband share a life filled with love and dedication to their three children, who are their entire world. Their eldest, 18, is poised to graduate from high school this year, while their middle child is 16, and their youngest is 10. Their family holds a deep affinity for Calvary in every aspect of their lives. Their children are enrolled in the school, and the family worships at Calvary Church. Their devotion to Calvary is evident as they proudly identify themselves as avid supporters, often expressing their loyalty through sporting the school’s colors, green and gold.

Originally from Shreveport, Ashley has deep roots in the community. For a decade, she owned and operated a beloved women's clothing store, cherishing the interactions with her customers and the opportunity to serve her community. However, sensing a divine calling to embark on a new journey, she embraced the direction the Lord paved for her, leading her to the realm of Real Estate. Excitedly, she continues to nurture her online store alongside this new venture. Joining a team of exceptional individuals is a dream realized for Ashley, affirming her belief that she's aligned with the path set by the Lord.