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Carita Koen’s mission in Real Estate is to break down barriers and foster diversity in Homeownership. With a commitment to creating lasting impact, her focus is on helping minorities establish a foothold in real estate, paving the way for generational prosperity. She is dedicated to empowering minority communities, driven by a fervor for inclusivity and equity. Her goal is to create opportunities that not only improve property values but also contribute to the overall growth of the community.  Adding another dimension to her accomplishments, Carita is the Co-Founder of Green Magic Landscape. Specializing in enhancing outdoor spaces, the company focuses on beautifying properties along the Gulf Coast, increasing curb appeal, and boosting property values. Carita specializes in new construction, real estate development, and investment properties. Carita enjoys collaborating closely with home builders to bring visionary projects to life. Whether guiding first-time homebuyers or partnering with real estate developers on innovative projects, her dedication transforms properties into opportunities for community growth. Through this unique combination of specialization, advocacy for minority empowerment, and active community involvement, Carita Koen is reshaping the real estate landscape one property at a time. Her story is one of purpose, passion, and a commitment to leaving a positive and lasting impact on the communities she serves. 

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