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Hey there, I'm a mom of two great kids who are 12 & 14 and keep me on my toes. I'm the owner/manager of a mini doughnut business (Eighty Six Doughnut Co) that does local events in the Midway, Kernersville area and support small busineses. I also do photography as a hobby and have been enjoying that for over 12 years now. In my spare time I'm busy taking care of my farm animals (goats, chickens, barn cats and the dogs) I enjoy rural living and the peace and quiet, except in the morning when Mr. Frizzle my rooster is crowing at 5 am.

I've worked in customer service for over 30+ years and have learned alot of skills neccesary for helping people. I have also been a first time home buyer/seller and understand the process and have knowledge and experiance under my belt from this. My last eleven years were spent as an Certified Ophthmolgist Assistant in the eye center at Baptist Hospital and at Davidson Eye Associates. I wanted to pursue a different career as I needed to slow down a bit due to health issues, I'm looking forward to helping my clients/customers make their dream of home buying or selling a reality.  I look forward to hearing from you!