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Coming from a different background Marzia never thought she would be involved in Real Estate transactions, except for those she was personally involved in. However, life happens sometimes in a way no one can expect and all her life changed completely. She started from zero in a new Adventure lead her to step into Real Estate and for her opinion that was the best thing that happened in her life.
Now, with her love and motivation to help others is still in her blood but with a different sense. Now she helps and really enjoys working with families to try and achieve their goal of being home owners.
Having worked as a Fix and Flipper for 5 years and experiencing the transformation of her vision of Real Estate too from the ugly to the beauty and be able to deliver that to people has become one of the most satisfying moments in her career.
She specializes in residential buying and selling with an emphasis on marketing properties as well as consulting for investing purposes. With her own team, her achievements, including buying and selling properties, renovating homes and in some situations solving problems with “not the best looking properties” as well.
Living in Orlando, Florida makes her Real Estate journey a “dream come true”. Here you can find anything you are looking for in terms housing, vacation homes, residential with a huge variety of styles and with the most perfect weather of the entire country.
Working with people, friends, family, unknown people, you know with certainty that my values of transparency, service, knowledge, protection of your interest, and to deliver the most perfect scenario for the most perfect transaction will be always her goal and these are her special characteristics in doing business together.

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