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Originally from Paterson, New Jersey, Aley was raised in Houston, TX. She is a dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable REALTOR® serving Houston and the Greater Houston Area. Aley earned her real estate diploma in 2016 after graduating from Houston Community College. Since then, she has continually sought to expand her knowledge of real estate, thus distinguishing herself as an inexhaustible resource for every buyer, seller, and investor, that seeks professional guidance and accurate, reliable information, in every step of each transaction.
Aley’s career is founded on a solid vision to help her clients skillfully navigate challenging and competitive market situations, while ensuring they have a smooth and memorable process. She’s patient, proactive, and honest. These attributes allow her to listen and understand her clients’ needs, give them enough time to consider the available choices, and offer them genuine advice, to help them make informed decisions. While her end goal is to turn every transaction into a relationship, Aley’s energy, optimism, and guidance, gives her clients the confidence and courage they need, to focus on getting to their end goal, at the closing table.
When Aley is not working hard on her client’s transactions, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, spa days, and a good happy hour with friends. And when Aley is your REALTOR®, you can rest assured, that she will guide you straight to your new home.